Wine research

Together with you we establish the guidelines for analysing your wine and determining its quality. We carry out chemical analyses as well as an organoleptic assessment (a sensory perception of, for instance, odour and colour). Nowadays, the taste-technical determination accounts for 85% of the chemical -and statistical data.

Meron is the most specialised wine laboratory in the Benelux. So precisely what can we investigate?

The standard chemical analysis package comprises 12 analyses which give you a detailed and complete picture of the wine.

On the basis of these analyses we can trace 95% of the most common irregularities in wine.  We can also make statements about, among other things, the shelf life of wine, compliance with the current appellation and compliance with own and/or legal provisions.

We provide both the ‘taste-technical specification’ and  the ‘chemical specification’. Our test panel judges the wine in the following areas:


The laboratory research is conducted using an autoanalyser and specially developed wine analysis techniques. The applied chemical research methods have been assessed by the Accreditation Board and meet the criteria for test laboratories as stipulated in NEN-EN-ISO / IEC 17025:2018. The accreditation applies to the analyses as stipulated in the scope L302.

Meron delivers high quality analytical wine research combined with an organoleptic assessment. Together with you we establish the guidelines for analysing your wine and optimising the quality.


The standard chemical analysis package

  • Durability
    • Free sulfite
    • Volatile acids
    • Clarity measurement
  • Application related parameters
    • Sugars
    • Total acids
    • pH value
    • Stability of protein presence
  • Legal provisions/Target norms
    • Total sulfite
    • Alcohol
    • Sorbic acid
    • Milk protein
    • Chicken protein